Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Beach

Pebbles, shining like gems,
on the beach.
Seashells, crunching like crackers,
under my feet. 
I pick up a broken crab shell
 and wonder what happened.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

And the winning title is: Two Against The Atlantic

So, the deadline passed for the vote on a new title for my story about two people who don't get along on a small sailboat, sailing across the Atlantic. 
There were more than 300 entries, some funny, some strange and some actually quite good. People sent in ideas on Facebook, by messenger, WhatsApp and by text. I chose eight that expressed the essence of the story the best and put them up for a vote. I then asked people to vote on my blog. Sadly, there was only one voter who showed up and she voted for one of the titles that happily I also like. 
And so, the winning title is (drum roll): 
Two Against The Atlantic
Thank you Kayla Cummings for voting and the person who chose this title, feel free to send me a comment on my blog to claim your prize.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Finalists in the 'Atlantic Crossing' Title Contest

Thank you to all who participated with title ideas to my Atlantic Crossing story. Here are the finalists - my favourites. 
I had been hoping there would be more ideas with the word 'Atlantic' included, but it was a fun project and some good laughs. 
You may vote for your favourite by leaving a comment. The deadline is this Sunday at noon, GMT. The finalists will receive an early link to the first 3,000 words of the story on Monday. The winner will receive an early link to the complete third draft once it's finished approximately at the end of February. Thank you again for participating and keep checking this page for updates.
  1. Stormy Waters
  2. Troubled Waters
  3. Perilous Crossing
  4. Rough Crossing
  5. Rough Waters
  6. Two Against The Atlantic
  7. Under The Atlantic Sky
  8. Against The Wind

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Help Me With Ideas For A Title To My Atlantic Crossing Story

 I've been editing a chapter for my next book about my ex-boyfriend and I crossing the Atlantic on board Eidos, my 32-foot sailboat. The boat is new to me, recently purchased, under-equipped for the voyage ahead, yet in good condition for its 24 years. I have offshore experience but James doesn't. He only comes to crew for me to add another "done it," to his list of adventures.
I need a catchy title and hoping for some ideas. Thank you.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Salt Water In My Veins: audio podcasts

"Why do we travel? Is it in the vain hope of finding happiness and fulfillment in some other place? No, it's not here in Paris, perhaps over there in Rome... They say, wherever you go, there you are."

While taking a break from editing my second book, I am recording audio podcasts of my first book. Download it for free from here and listen during your morning run, while stirring a pot on the stove, or stuck in traffic. Enjoy! 
The audio podcast of the second chapter, How I Can Afford To Cruise is only available to patrons who support me at the level of Co-captain for $50 per month at the moment. Please become my patron.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Pretty Please...Review My Book

If you've read my book, Salt Water In My Veins, I would love it if you would review it on Amazon or on Good Reads. If you haven't read it, feel free to buy it and then review it. :)) 
In return, I will review anything you have created: a meal, a game, a book, a painting, music, jewelry, your husband... ;) Also, I will add a link to your website on mine.
Thank you!

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Be My Patron On Patreon

My name is Barbara Molin, and I need your help. 
I am a writer. I am the author of "Salt Water In My Veins," as well as countless articles in sailing magazines such as Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner, Sail, 48 North, Latitudes and Attitudes, and Living Aboard. I even won a couple of prizes for my articles. From 2010 to 2014, I was the founding publisher and managing editor of a print magazine in Greece. Oh, yeah, I live on my sailboat in Greece, and my next book is due to come out in May of this year. 

Here is the problem though. I don't have a real job anymore. I am retired on a small pension which doesn't begin to pay all the bills for moorage, repairs, maintenance, fuel, insurance, and food. 

I love writing but it takes time to complete a book and publishing articles is not a means to a living wage. And a big confession - I suck at self-promotion. I am not very good at marketing and selling - it stresses me out big time. I suppose you could call me an introvert who comes out of her shell now and then and pretends to be an extrovert. Not a good personality characteristic for a sales job and that's what a writer needs to do once they've finished writing. That's why eventually my magazine folded - I couldn't do the business part of it and got ill from the stress.

I feel discouraged right now. I wish I could hire someone to do the marketing for me so that I could focus on writing. 

So, what do I want? I want the support of a community of friends. 
Here are some of the things that I'd like to accomplish in the foreseeable future: 
- Maintain my floating home in a seaworthy condition. Specifically at the moment, get a new exhaust pipe made, some awning for shelter from the sun in summer and rain in winter, get the mast and rigging checked and updated, antifoul the bottom and replace worn out cushions in the cabin. I'm sure more jobs will come along since Eidos is almost 40 years old.
- Finish "Salt Water In My Veins II" by the end of April of this year and get help with publishing and marketing it.
- Write a few more articles for magazines.
- Finish at least two or three more books that I have in draft form over the next couple of years.
- Offer Creative Non-fiction Workshops online.
- Support beginning writers as a mentor.
- Offer my boat for a summer retreat afloat to other writers.

To do all this, I need about $1,000 per month extra income. Why specifically $1,000? 
- A new exhaust pipe for the engine is 500 Euros (or $600 U.S.) plus installation.
- Sun awning will be about the same, so will the mast and rigging work - it's at least 15 years old. 
- I also need to antifoul the hull which will be about $300.  

As you can see it's a never-ending battle, and as you know, boating means throwing 100 dollar bills in the ocean. But this is my home and has been for the past 15 years.  

The rest such as moorage, food, fuel, medical expenses, boat insurance, and so on, I think I can cover with my pension income. 

So, this is why I signed up with Patreon. It's a membership platform that makes it easy for writers, artists, composers and other creators to get paid for their work.

In return for your patronage, I will provide content by posting the third draft of chapters of my latest book as well as updates on my progress on the writers' workshop and retreat. I will also keep you up to date on work being done on my boat and post photos and videos. 

So, what else do you get?
-All patrons from $5/month level up will get a signed copy of my first book, "Salt Water In My Veins." and copies of my future books plus access to some extra benefits.

Want to contribute more than $5/month? Great! I am adding even more benefits that will be exclusive for people who participate at higher levels, discounts for workshops, videos and invitations to sail. 

I'd really like to be able to focus on my writing career and not have to worry about my home falling apart underneath me, so I hope you will sponsor me for a dollar or more.
So, please be my patron. Thank you in advance for your support!

News Flash: I just got my first patron! Thank you!

Become a Patron!

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year - Workshop and Retreat offer

To begin 2019 on the right foot, I am offering an online, creative non-fiction workshop as well as one-on-one consultation via Skype or WhatsApp and email to help beginning writers with their goals this winter. 

Beginning in May, I will be hosting shared expenses, shared work shared fun creative non-fiction retreat afloat on my sailboat, Eidos. Join me for a week or two and be inspired.

Learn how to turn your personal experiences into compelling and publishable essays. Live the life you have always wanted and support yourself through writing.

Click on Writer's Retreat button for more information.

And if you would like to be a beta reader of my new book, join my community of supporters on Patreon and receive some cool benefits.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I received a very nice gift for Christmas this year - the doctor took off my cast! I'm still using crutches but slowly starting to walk again.  

Monday, 10 December 2018

Writing A Memoir

Everyone should write a memoir. It doesn’t matter if you have led an interesting (in the world’s opinion) life or not. Write it as a story to pass on to your children and grandchildren if you have any and if not, to add to the world’s history (or herstory), especially if you are a woman.

Most of the history books were written by men and consist of battles - people killing each other for glory and plunder. I didn’t like history in school for that reason: All men, with a few queens to egg them on, killing each other.  But the world is full of more exciting stories. Stories of everyday life  - and this is where women are at an advantage. So, write your story and instead of reading other people’s stories to your children or grandchildren at bedtime, read them yours. And if you are a man, then yes, you too. Write your story as well. Even if it involved killing and plunder.

Leg fracture at six weeks

I've been back on my boat for three weeks now and it's six weeks since I broke my leg. Most of the time, I've been staying on board, only getting down the ladder three or four times. I've had groceries delivered and I have Internet onboard so can manage. Inside the cabin, there is not much space for walking with crutches, so I've been using the furniture to move around. I'm able to cook and generally look after myself.

I've been knitting, making sauerkraut, baking bread. I've even put a few coats of varnish on the trim outside and have started writing and editing again.

At night, I've been unwrapping the tensor bandage from the cast so that I can gently massage part of my leg and stimulate blood flow for healing. 

I've not used the anticoagulant injections since my flight. 

Sunday, 18 November 2018

The fractured fibula saga - continued

Original fracture
On Friday, I went back to the hospital for another x-ray and a follow-up visit with a specialist. He said that he couldn't see any change from the initial x-ray but it was too early. However, the fracture was still closed and stable.
"So how much longer do I need to have this cast on," I asked.
"Six to ten weeks in total before you can put your weight on," he said. 
"In that case, I will go back to Greece." 
"That's fine, I will open the cast  so that you can fly."

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Week two and three

After one week on crutches, lifting my weight with my arms and shoulders and placing it on one foot, I feel achy. This is not good. My muscles should strengthen but instead, my joints are taking a beating. 
So, I am taking it easy and hobbling only when absolutely necessary to the kitchen for breakfast, then to the living room where I stay most of the day on the couch supported by pillows. It also doesn't help that the cast presses on my ankle and rubs the top of my shin bone from inside - making it painful to walk. But I am able to wiggle my toes, which means blood circulation is good.

Broken leg and Writer's Retreat on Ibiza

Portinatx Club Hotel

After a busy summer sailing and working on Eidos, I hauled her out for the winter and decided to do some traveling in search of sun, sand, and sea. 
At the end of October, I flew to Ibiza for the annual, week-long, Ibiza Tantra Festival and with about 350 other people, did a lot of yoga, also chanted, meditated, danced suntanned and swam in the sea in the nude. I also attended seminars, ate a huge amount and slept like a log. It was an extremely busy, exciting week. I plan to write an article about it.
But on Sunday, the last day of the festival, I slipped on a wet path heading towards the beach and hurt my right ankle.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Taking The Plunge

My story, Taking the Plunge, won the Confession of the month in the September 2018 issue of Yachting Monthly and my prize is a floating handheld VHF radio and a copy of the drawing by Bill Caldwell. I'm happy that the editor liked my story but even more so, I'm ecstatic that I survived the mishap. It could have had a sad ending. Be careful out there!