Monday, 9 November 2015

Things that inspire and moments that take my breath away

Have you ever thought about the two phrases? Inspire means to breathe in. Something that takes my breath away is breathing out. Breathing is what keeps us alive and so being inspired and witnessing breathtaking moments is what keeps us spiritually alive.
So what inspires me and takes my breath away? Here are a few examples:
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Bonfire
  • Wood burning in a fireplace
  • Walk along a sandy beach
  • Planting seeds in a garden
  • Listening to a live concert 
So, what inspires you?


A lot of my inspiration comes from my photography or from scenes that I would have liked to photograph if I had a camera handy at the time.
I don't always write about what is in the photograph, but when I look at a beautiful scene, my mind stops yammering and something happens which goes beyond thinking. I access my creative self and then just start typing away.

Writing life - procrastination

As I wait for my new laptop to arrive today, I wonder how soon I will start writing again. For real that is. I left my old laptop in Greece thinking I would be right back, which didn't happen and it is now ruined having spent two winters on a damp boat. 
And so for the past two years I have been borrowing my son's IPad and my daughter-in-law's desk top Mac as well as using paper note books to jot things down and the odd library computer to update my sailing blog. But soon, I will have no more excuses to procrastinate, which means actually finishing something and sending it away to get published.