Saturday, 16 June 2018

My Writing Assistant: Scrivener

Thanks to Kevin and Sandy Chilvers from s/v Tiger Bay who were moored in Vathi Marina for a few days, I am now the proud user of Scrivener writing program. The only thing I wish more than this is having had discovered it many years ago. 
Kevin is also a writer, who is working on his next crime adventure thriller and he was so enthusiastically gushing about it, I was initially taken aback. I am a bit of a conservative cynic (ok a lot) and so was a bit reluctant to try it. 
But after the second visit to Tiger Bay and another pitch by Kevin, I decided to give it a try. Free for 30 days, what have I got to lose, right? Besides, my writing had come to a stop for the past several months and I couldn't get myself motivated. 
So, today is the fourth day that I have been writing and copying old drafts of forgotten manuscripts to Scrivener and I just paid my 46 Euros for the license to use it forever.  I highly (enthusiastically, gushingly) recommend it. 

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