Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I received a very nice gift for Christmas this year - the doctor took off my cast! I'm still using crutches but slowly starting to walk again.  

Monday, 10 December 2018

Writing A Memoir

Everyone should write a memoir. It doesn’t matter if you have led an interesting (in the world’s opinion) life or not. Write it as a story to pass on to your children and grandchildren if you have any and if not, to add to the world’s history (or herstory), especially if you are a woman.

Most of the history books were written by men and consist of battles - people killing each other for glory and plunder. I didn’t like history in school for that reason: All men, with a few queens to egg them on, killing each other.  But the world is full of more exciting stories. Stories of everyday life  - and this is where women are at an advantage. So, write your story and instead of reading other people’s stories to your children or grandchildren at bedtime, read them yours. And if you are a man, then yes, you too. Write your story as well. Even if it involved killing and plunder.

Leg fracture at six weeks

I've been back on my boat for three weeks now and it's six weeks since I broke my leg. Most of the time, I've been staying on board, only getting down the ladder three or four times. I've had groceries delivered and I have Internet onboard so can manage. Inside the cabin, there is not much space for walking with crutches, so I've been using the furniture to move around. I'm able to cook and generally look after myself.

I've been knitting, making sauerkraut, baking bread. I've even put a few coats of varnish on the trim outside and have started writing and editing again.

At night, I've been unwrapping the tensor bandage from the cast so that I can gently massage part of my leg and stimulate blood flow for healing. 

I've not used the anticoagulant injections since my flight.